What is the difference between 10KT Gold and 14KT Gold?

Gold comes in many different forms of karats,10KT,14KT,18KT,21K,22K & 24KT. However, in the United States the most popular and sought after are 10KT & 14KT. Many people have different reasons such as the price range, the depth of color, and the availability. Both 10KT & 14KT have a certain amount of "pure gold" in them, for example 10KT has 41.7% of pure gold hence the name 10KT (10KT/24KT) 14KT has 58.3% of pure gold (14KT/24KT). The price range of 10KT in the market ranges vastly ($35-$70 per gram) at Gold Bling Jewelry we sell at a very reasonable market range starting at $35-$50 per gram (10KT) vs 14KT in the market ranges vastly as well ($46-$100 per gram) at Gold Bling Jewelry we sell at a reasonable market range of $46-$60 a gram. In most cases the difference comes down to only $10-$30 per gram between 10KT & 14KT. The depth of color with 10KT is a very light but nice shade of yellow vs 14KT has a little darker shade of yellow but barely noticeable to the naked eye in most cases. The difference of shade comes down to the fact that there is more pure gold in 14KT than 10KT. 10KT & 14KT have become both so widely available throughout all of the United States every mall, bazzar, shopping center, online platforms carry it in some shape or form. Here at G.B.J. sell both 10KT & 14KT and if you are interested you can check out our website - www.thegoldblingjewelry.com

I hope this article was helpful in learning the basic difference between 10KT Gold & 14KT Gold